The No-Frills
S.S. Records - Sol Re Sol


S.S. Records started in 2002 by Scott Soriano & Sakura Saunders.  
The name is the initials of the founders and has no political implications.
If anything, we are queer pinko commie internationalists.  

Sol Re Sol records was started a few years later to release non-rock international titles.

Between both labels we've  released records by artists from France, Italy, South Africa,
Australia, Morocco, Mexico, Brasil, England, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, and the USA.

Currently, both labels are in a slow-go mode.  But you can buy our stuff. Check out the
catalog page for very reasonably priced records.  Wholesale can be bought direct at retail
prices or through Revolver USA.

For synch rights, please contact Lacey at Sub Pop.

Mailing/shipping address:

S.S. Records
625 S Street
Sacramento CA 95811