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S.S. Records LPs

A-Frames s/t cd
Classic debut. Post-modern post-punk with garage angularity. (S.S) $5

A-Frames 2 LP
Second A-Frames album is the Chairs Missing to the debut's Pink Flag. (S.S.) $15

A-Frames 2 cd
See above. (S.S.) $5

A-Frames 333 3LP
Three albums collect the singles, outtakes, and unreleased. 100% solid. (S.S.) $25

Andy Human & the Reptiods s/t LP
Debut album from Oakland 4-some taps Roxy Music, Simply Saucer, etc. (S.S.) $10

bAd bAd s/t LP
Psychedelic punk. Think Soft Boys on a squirrelly caffeine bender. (S.S.) $8

bAd bAd s/t cd
See above. (S.S.) $5

Banque Allemande Eins, Zwei LP
1st from Berlin primitive nuevo-krautrockers. High energy. (S.S.) $7

Banque Allemande  Willst du Chinese sein musst du die... LP
2nd stellar buzzsaw kraut tunes. Stomp and humm. (S.S.) $7

Dan Melchior und das Menace Thankyou Very Much 2LP
Man of many albums, this is one of his best. Garage tweeking. (S.S.) $10

Dan Melchior und das Menace Visionary Pangs LP
Adventurous follow-up to Thankyou. Dan expands. (S.S.) $5

Duchess of Saigon s/t LP
Coley compared this to 1/2 Japanese, Carpenters, & Beach Boys. (S.S.) $5

Easter & the Totem The Sum is Greater than Its Parts LP
1980s S. London post-punk. TVPs, Steve Treatment, Cure, Echo, etc. Reissue (S.S.) $8

el-g Tout Ploie LP
French modern psych assemblage. Think Thierry Muller & Nurse with Wound. (SS) $5

feedtime Today is Friday LP
Odds & sods collection of outtakes & unreleased from 80s Aussie legends. (SS) $8

FM-BX Society Tape 001 LP
1981 tape put on vinyl. Classic post-punk w/ Unit 4, Topplers, Isolation Ward (SS) $12

Fouttutissima Pellicceria Elsa s/t LP
1983 Italian HC. "If the MEAT PUPPETS met M.D.C. in a Chilean secret police torture chamber." - MRR (SS) $5

ghostwriter s/t LP
Former Nothing People spin further out in the Chrome-Suicide infused rural
psychedelic landscape. Less than 300 made. (SS) $10

kim ki o Bir, iki... LP
Turkish feminist/queer power post-punk duo taps Rough Trade & synths. (SS) $7

kim ki o Bir, iki... cd
See above. (SS) $5

Life Stinks s/t LP
Bad tripping Flipper gone VU punk. Fun-filled negativity. (SS) $7

Life Stinks You'll Never Make It LP
2nd album fuels the Stooge in Life Stinks. TV poke your Eye out. (SS) $7

Los Llamarada Gone Gone Cold LP
No wave response to Mexico's drug war. Psychedelic & painful. (SS) $7

Los Llamarada Take the Sky LP
Eurphoria before the slaughterhouse. Sonic Youth & Blue Cheer influence. (SS) $5

Low Red Center s/t 10"
Texas neo-wave pulls Devo, Suburban Lawns, & synth. (SS) $5

Michael Psycho Think LP
80's Sacto punk angst. Raggedy & tuneful outsider punk. (SS) $8

Michael Yonker / Blind Shake Period LP
Modern psych monster by legend Minneapois survivor & youngsters. (SS) $8

Nothing People Late Night LP
Syd Barrett & Roxy Music crash Chrome for moody trip. (SS) $5

Nothing People Soft Crash LP
Final NP LP is dystopian pop brilliance. (SS) $5

Ozzie The Parabolic Rock 2LP
From 1975-81, Ozzie ruled Sacto's proto-punk hood. BOC, Roxy, Mott, Bowie... (SS) $10

Pony Time Rumours 2 LP
Trio, 90s garage punk, 60s beat, junkshop glam, Raspberries, Bratmobile.... (SS) $8

Prisoners Go Go Band Live! At The Butchery With Special Guests On Fire LP
1980 South African mutli-ethnic Can-inspired masterwork. Reissue. (SS) $10

Satan Panonski Hard Blood Shock LP
Anthology of Croatian punk master's work. Intense, poetic, brutal. (SS) $10

Screature s/t LP
Grace Slick/Buffy St Marie vox atop psychedelic goth punk. Dark not down. (SS) $10

Screature Four Columns LP
Tip top 2nd LP scores hits with post punk in the mix. Hell of a howl. (SS) $10

Sightings Michigan Haters LP
NYC noise-punk strips the paint off of Mars. (SS) $5

Spray Paint Rodeo Songs LP
2nd album of propulsive mod post garage punk from Austin. (SS) $10

The Proletariat Soma Holiday LP
Reissue of classic 80s Boston hardcore punk goes Gang of Four/Wire. (SS) $12 

The Proletariat Soma Holiday cd
See above. (SS) $7

The Twinkeyz Alpha Jerk LP
Remixed, reissue of 1979 Sacto glam/psych/punk great. Must have you. (SS) $12
Sol Re Sol LPs

Alceu Valenca Molhado de Sour LP
1973 Brazilian rural psych tropicalia masterpiece. Legit reissue. (Sol Re Sol) $12

Master Musicians of Jajouka The Primal Energy of... LP
Early 70s unfiltered recordings of Moroccan legends primitive trance (Sol Re Sol) $12

Sedition Ensemble Regeneration Report LP
Obscure NYC 80s funk/Latin/no wave/loft jazz. Politically revolutionary (Sol Re Sol) $5

Sidney Miller Lingas de Fogo LP
1973 Brazilian urban psych tropicalia masterpiece. Legit Reissue. (Sol Re Sol) $8