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Spray Paint - s/t LP

S.S. Records is very pleased to announce the debut album of SPRAY PAINT, eleven songs of killer avant punk aggression that measures up with anything stomping around today.

A little more than a year ago, Cory from SPRAY PAINT members contacted S.S. and asked if they could send a few songs. Recognizing his name from another band When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, whose psych-punkishness we dug, S.S. said “Certainly.” Four songs came and I/we/it were blown away. “Okay here’s the deal: We do a couple singles and then a LP,” S.S. wrote the band and the answer was “Yes.” So 2012 saw two stellar 7”s from the Austin trio - energy packed, off-kilter yet tuneful punk rock & roll with a sound that brought to mind 100 Flowers, Saccharine Trust, Wire, and S.S. vets the A Frames. During the summer SPRAY PAINT came west to play S.S. Records second fest in San Francisco and after a few weeks on the road they hit home and started recording this album.

I/We/Whatever heard most of the songs before SPRAY PAINT’s tour and they were great, but gig after gig of playing them tightened them up and brought in new ideas. When the album was done, what hit our ears is eleven sonic booms: Great songs, ace playing, good ideas, and smart construction. Nothing is too long, nothing too short. Like the best punk rock & roll albums, SPRAY PAINT’s debut is all meat, no fat, a compact punch with angular power. As noted above, weeeeee are very pleased.

SPRAY PAINT has two 7”s on S.S. Records (both out of print). They've toured the Midwest US a few times, the SW/West/NW once, and done SXSW, Chaos in Tejas, SS2, and Chicago's Summer Bummer. Regularly gigging in their home town, they will be hitting the roads of the Midwest & East Coast in the Fall. They also have plans to come out West again. And they are working on a new record.

This is the second pressing. 300 press, different color scheme than the first. Like the two 7”, the jackets have been painted on front and stamped on the back - no two are the same. (SS071)

Spray Paint - Yawn Factory by S. S./ Sol Re Sol Records

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